Friday, November 2, 2007

My last 2D project



aroop said...

hey..glad that you have put this up over here..evokes a lot of nostalgia (in "those were the days" sort of way.).. lovely work,cute characters, the texture of the film is gr8..kudos to you and the whole team who worked on it..i did miss the music though..

pink hippo said...

Hi, Ravi thanks for bringing those memories back :) Sound will definitely plus this, try and add some sound in it.


jesukiran said...

Unnnn............ :)) lovely animation n characters,....and upload again with sound..anyway i saw with voice :)

Jafar said...

Ravikanthji Pai Laagi,

Aapka project ekdum jhakaas hai, bas thoda sound daal diya to jaan aa jayegi. Ab itni mehnat ki hai to thodi aur kar dijiye na!